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If you’re ready to integrate 1ShoppingCart® with PostGopher, you’ll find the process really simple.

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3 Million customers trust 1ShoppingCart® with their secure checkout and payment processing...

One of the things you may have noticed about our WordPress plugin PostGopher is that it integrates with many popular apps, secure checkout and payment processing providers. All the while converting your blog posts and pages into downloadable PDF books.

If you’ve ever used 1ShoppingCart®, then you know it’s one of the top payment processing providers, but it's also reliable as not only a shopping cart, but also an autoresponder, and a great tool to promote your products and services. If you haven’t used it, then here are the reasons you should consider adding it to your lineup:

Why 1ShoppingCart® may be the service for you...

  • One of the most powerful aspects of any 1ShoppingCart® account is the ability to send email marketing messages and auto-responders to your customers.
  • They can set up your paid search account and optimize, and run the day-to-day tasks of growing your traffic, either paid or organic
  • Since 2006 they have offered a full service help center and have reliably represented ecommerce merchants while improving their customer satisfaction, and even answering customer emails.
  • 1ShoppingCart® is compatible with over 50 leading online merchant account providers. and it integrates with hundreds of additional apps and platforms (including ours!).

1ShoppingCart® lets you pick a service plan that meets your needs, from a “Plus” plan with basic features, to the “Premium” or “Ultimate” plans that include many advanced features you may need for your business.

We like 1ShoppingCart® because it’s reliable and  powerful and have a long and established reputation of offering high-quality customer service since 2006.

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