Version 1.1.2:3 Update
Welcome to this month's PostGopher update. These new updates are more than just updates and fixes. They deliver our best to[...]
Version 1.1.0 Update
Post Gopher = 1.1.0 = * Added delete shortcode statistics option, to enable removal of unused statistics. * Added button[...]
Version 1.0.23 Update
- Add MailerLite to lead gen integration - Firefox double scroll bar issue as reported by Jeremy
Version 1.0.22 Update
Post Gopher V1.0.22 - Updated to work with content builders such as Thrive, Profit Builder Etc - Action and Filter[...]
Version 1.0.19 Update
- Updated Help Link to include links to Resources, Testimonials & Blog - Shows the last error - if any[...]
Expansion Pack – Update V1.0.3
In V1.0.3 the expansion pack 1 and it contents have the following updates... Expansion Pack 1 = 1.0.3 = *[...]