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It's not just your readers that want to read... These days, Google wants long content too. This change basically came about to combat all those spammy websites that were putting up 150 to 300-word articles that were very basic and didn’t really offer anything of value other than repeating keywords often for search engine rankings.

Google likes to see articles that are at least 1,000 words, and up to 3,000. There’s one way to avoid writing yourself LET US DO IT FOR YOU!
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  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Are Your Images Legal
  • Avoiding Online Scams
  • Becoming The Expert
  • Blog Posts That Sell
  • Blogging Mistakes
  • Content Curation Mistakes
  • Content Marketing Hacks
  • Conversion Boosters
  • Copywriting Mistakes
  • Crowdfunding Success
  • Dropship Profits
  • Easy Info Graphics
  • Flipping Websites Made Easy
  • Freelance Designer Income
  • Google Display Network
  • Hiring Fiction Writers
  • Image Sharing Profits
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Joint Venture Marketing
  • Kindle Book Promotion
  • List Building Made Easy
  • List Segmentation 101
  • Make Your Boxshots Sell
  • Market Research Blueprint
  • Media Buying Negotiate For Success
  • Niche Marketing Monster
  • No More 9-5 (Leave The Rat Race Behind)
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Product Creation Blueprint
  • Profitable Pricing Strategies
  • Push Notification Profits
  • Rapid Subscriber Growth
  • SEO Keyword Mastery
  • Shopify Dropshipping Profits
  • Smart Audience Profiling
  • Smart Forum Marketing
  • Smart Marketing Automation
  • Snapchat Marketing
  • Speed Writing Skills
  • Split Testing Made Easy
  • Startup Your First Steps
  • Teach Online For Fun & Profits
  • The Art Of Selling
  • Top 10 List Building Mistakes
  • Top Twitter Marketing Mistakes
  • Traffic On A Budget
  • Twitter Advertising Secrets
  • Web Design Mistakes
  • Webinars Big Profits Guide

Many hours go in to the research, writing and editing of each post - SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO!


Typical Freelance Writer - $150-$350 Per Post

If you hired a typical freelance writer to research and write just one 2,500 word blog post you'd expect to pay between $150 and $350. This amount will rise considerably for an experienced and in-demand writer. Comparison Cost To This Offer = $12,500

Typical Content Library Website - $30-$75 Per Post

The problem with most of these sites is that the articles sold are relatively short (300-500) words. To replicate the quality and length of our posts (2,000+ words) you would likely need to purchase multiple posts and combine them. Comparison Cost To This Offer = $10,000

Typical 'Gig' Website - $5 - $20 Per Post

Our advice is DON'T... Often you'll get back poor quality content. You'll never be sure of the origin (often rehashed PLR) and it generally takes longer to re-edit, correct mistakes and rework than it would to write it yourself in the first place. Comparison Cost To This Offer = $500

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