The Number of Bloggers is expected to reach 31.7 million in 2020 - Here's How You Can Stand Out from the crowd! 

According to “Over 409 million people view more than 21.4 billion pages each month.” and that users currently produce "79.7 Million new posts and 49.7 million new comments each month" - those numbers are rising fast and don't even include data from self hosted blogs...

...  In fact, since way back at the start of 2014, tens of thousands of new WordPress sites have been created EVERY DAY.  And we’re now seeing a trend that’s potentially even bigger: publishers are using WordPress to create all kinds of sites beyond blogs — news sites, company sites, magazines, social networks, sports sites, and more...

Which begs the question. How the heck will you and your blog compete?

...  Unless you're blogging to simply polish up your writing skills and you don't care if your blog builds an audience, if it finds followers, or if it will generate enough revenue to survive (let alone thrive) then the time to act is NOW!



The Blogger's Success Kit

Your Set-Up, Growth & Profits Toolkit...

The Blogger's Success Kit

Here's What's Included:


The checklists (AKA “mini-blueprints”) are more than just a set of steps arranged chronologically into a bulleted list. There is actually some meat to these checklists that we know you are going to find helpful. We've included: steps, ideas, options, examples, templates, questions and more.

  • 01 - The Blog Set Up Checklist:  When you choose a user-friendly content management system such as WordPress, then setting up your blog is relatively quick and easy! And this checklist will show you how to set up your first blog in as little as an hour or two—you could be done before you go to bed tonight!
  • 02 - The Blog Niche Selection Checklist:  One of the keys to creating a profitable blog is to make sure you are blogging in a profitable niche. If you get this step wrong, your blog will be dead in the water before you even write your first post. So how do you pick a profitable niche? That’s what you’ll discover inside this checklist guide!
  • 03 - Your First 1000 Readers Checklist:  There’s nothing worse than blogging your heart out, and then checking your traffic logs and finding out no one is reading. That’s why you’ll want to use this checklist to quickly get your first 1000 readers. (Hint: It’s easier than you think… once you know these strategies!)
  • 04 - The Blog Launch Checklist:  It’s pretty exciting to launch a new blog. But that excitement can turn to disappointment very quickly if you don’t have a solid launch plan in place. So let’s avoid those business-killing mistakes. All you have to do is use this checklist to be sure your launch goes off without a hitch!
  • 05 - Blog Post Ideas Checklist:  It’s time to fill your blog with content. But if you want an engaged audience and plenty of repeat visitors, then you need to give your readers some variety. That’s where this checklist comes in, where you’ll discover the top ten kinds of blog posts that are sure to keep your readers coming back for more!
  • 06 - Blogging For Profit Checklist:  There are a lot of moving pieces and parts you need to put in place if you want to start, grow and profit from a thriving and popular blog. Fortunately, putting these pieces into place isn’t hard… when you use this ultimate blogging checklist!
  • 07 - Blog Posts That Sell Checklist:  If you want to make money with your blog, then you need to learn how to create blog posts that sell. In other words, creating content that presells and leads the reader to an offer that they can buy which makes you money. And this checklist is going to show you six specific ways to create content pieces that boost your conversion rates!
  • 08 - Epic Content Checklist:  You don’t want to post blog articles just for the sake of filling up space on your blog. Instead, you want to create epic content that your readers will love! This is the sort of content that keeps readers engaged, it gets them sharing your content, and it gets them coming back to your blog again and again for more. Use this checklist to find out how to do it!
  • 09 - Blog Monetization Checklist:  While it’s nice to get an eager audience praising you for your wonderful blog, it’s even better when they take out their wallets and support your work with their dollars. That’s why you’ll want to use this blog monetization checklist to be sure you’re getting maximum profits for your blogging efforts!
  • 10 - Blog Traffic Checklist:  Building a blog full of awesome content is your goal, right? But none of that matters if you’re not bringing highly targeted traffic to your virtual doorstep. And that’s why you’ll want to use this eye-opening checklist to start bringing in those targeted visitors!
  • 11 - Blog Audience Engagement Checklist:  You don’t just want visitors to come to your blog and read a few posts. Instead, you want them to be thoroughly engaged. You want them to comment on your posts, share them, follow you on social media, join your mailing list, and eagerly visit frequently.So how do you get this sort of engagement? By using the proven strategies revealed inside this checklist
  • 12 - Blog Hacks Checklist:  You never aimed to be a mediocre blogger making a mediocre income, right? Every blogger wants to take things to the "next level" ... and you're no exception. That’s why you’ll want to take a look at this blog hacks checklist for building and growing an exceptional blog that you’ll be proud to own!

Seriously. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been blogging for a while now, you’re sure to find plenty of gold nuggets in this collection to really help you out!  

These checklists will help you:

  • Avoid all the blogging pitfalls and mistakes that plague most online marketers!
  • Maximize your profits by learning the right way to build an audience and monetize your content!
  • Make blogging faster, easier and more effective than ever before!


If you're looking to create clickworthy blog post titles that grab your reader's attention along with engaging content that's guaranteed to keep visitors coming back for more then these templates are the solution...

  • 10 Fill-In-The-Blank-Posts:  Have you ever stared at a blank screen as you tried to force your fingers to type out a blog post? And so you got stuck, wishing the writing elves would help you finish up your blog post so that you could go to bed. If this has ever happened to you, that’s normal. Discover our favorite ten types of blog posts that are sure to impress and please your readers. 
  • 101 Blog Post Titles:  If your blog title doesn’t capture attention, then you’re dead in the water before you even start. That’s why you need a snazzy title that grabs your prospects by the shirt collar and stops ‘em in their tracks. How do you create this sort of attention-getting title? Easy – just use the 101 templates included in this package! This is titling made easy!


If you're looking to ramp up social engagement, improve content quality, boost visitor engagement and drive tons of traffic to your blog then these plugins are the solution...  (we're including multi-site developer licenses too so you can install them on all the blogs you own and manage for clients)


31 Day Blog Challenge

Guaranteed to build up your blogging momentum… Keep up a weekly schedule of posting new content, finding new ways to advertise, and doing joint ventures. These small steps will add up to big results over time!

  • A Month Of Makeover: You can take small steps to create big changes on your blog. And that’s why you’ll want to use this 31 day planner, which gives your blog a makeover through a series of small daily actions over the course of a month. So improve your content, your traffic and your profits by putting this planner to work for you starting today!




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Post Gopher is a WordPress plugin that converts your blog posts and pages into downloadable PDF books. It builds beautiful forms, integrates directly with your autoresponder, captures leads and sends out download links on complete autopilot...

And, if you agree to try our new software today, you'll get instant access to:

  • 12 Essential ChecklistsPolish your blog (and it's earning potential) to perfection with these
  • 2 Fill In The Blanks Template Kits Command more clicks and create engaging, shareable content fast.
  • 31 Day Blogging ChallengeSimple, effective daily steps to completely makeover your blog

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  • Convert Post/Pages Into PDFs:  Automatically transform any blog post or page into a super targeted, high converting 'lead magnet' that's guaranteed to engage your readers. It's easy... No more creating or setting up time consuming incentives...
  • Generates Lead Capture Forms:  Make building landing pages a thing of the past... No more worries about complex web form integrations or trying to mesh several services together and put your list building on complete autopilot!
  • Sends 'Lead Magnet' To Readers:  Activate Post Gopher and everything is fully automated and hands-free! The system will send out a customizable email to your new subscriber with their download link.  The statistics dashboard then provides details on your most popular posts, conversion rates and even tracks when readers return to your blog via the links inside their PDF file.

Watch the quick video below to learn more...

Installs In Seconds - Then 'Set & Forget' for List Growth & Traffic...

  • No More Time Wasted Creating Lead Magnets
  • No More Landing Page or Pop Up Hassles
  • No More Duct-Taping Together Multiple Services
  • No More Opt-In Forms Being Ignored.

Just More Subscribers, Traffic And Engagement!

Post Gopher - Easy Customization

Track Downloads To Measure Performance:  With the built in stats panel you can quickly identify your most popular posts. Track views, clicks and opt-in rates. You also get a birds eye view on downloads and know when readers return to your blog via their PDF...

Post Gopher - Statistics Panel

Customize Colors, Forms, PDF & More...  Generate higher engagement rates. Reach new readers, grow your subscribers and followers and maximize return traffic. All whilst building optimum awareness to reach your goals. Zero technical or design skills required!

"There's Nothing Else Online That Combines All 3 Of These Time Saving Functions In One Place!"

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How Much Is PostGopher?

This was actually a tough business decision for us.  You see, on one hand, we want to get this software to as many blog owners as possible because we firmly believe that building a bigger, more responsive subscriber list/audience in such a competitive climate has become the single most important task for any blogger.

However, we also need to pay for the ongoing development and first class support of this groundbreaking software.  So, although we could easily charge $97-$197 per year for access (the average price point of less functional, competing services in the marketplace) it won’t cost you anything close to that. After discussing it with our team and running the numbers, we decided a fair fee would be $47

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Blogger's Success Kit

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Plugin Requirements: WordPress 4.4 (or higher) and PHP 5.3 (or higher)
* Unlimited Installs On Sites You Personally Own / License Cannot Be Transferred To Third Parties.


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