Drip Integrates with PostGopher

If you’re ready to integrate Drip with PostGopher, you’ll find the process really simple.

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One of the things you may have noticed about our WordPress plugin PostGopher is that it integrates with many popular top email service providers while converting your blog posts and pages into downloadable PDF books.

Here's a very popular service provider for you to consider:  Drip

Drip is not your typical email platforms or hyped-up marketing automation tool. 

Where Drip really shines is with its advanced features, including:

  • Drip’s tracking code delivers unparalleled insights into your customer demographics. Offering full customer timelines and dynamic list segmentation. That means you ask your subscribers additional questions over time to help learn more about them.
  • Superior Automation. You can create a workflow that rewards subscribers for performing specific actions.
  • Apply custom tags, fields, or events to your customers. Drip lets you tag based on behavior, such as tagging someone who opens specific emails.
  • Split-testing. Drip a variety of factors, including delivery time, the “from” name and the subject line.
  • Drip also utilizes lead scoring, so you can quickly identify (and reward) your most engaged leads.Plus, send intelligent campaigns using not only email but Facebook, and more that adapt to your subscribers' interests and behavior

What we like about Drip is that you get a LOT of powerful feature for a surprisingly good price. AND Drip has industry-leading deliverability rates to help make sure your emails get into the inbox. Plus you can get the Starter Plan which includes up to 100 subscribers and unlimited email sends per month.

You can learn more about Drip by clicking here


Thousands of marketers are getting to know their customers better using Drip!