RapidMailer Integrates with PostGopher

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If you’re ready to integrate RapidMailer with PostGopher, you’ll find the process really simple.

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One of the things you may have noticed about our WordPress plugin PostGopher is that it integrates with many popular top email service providers while converting your blog posts and pages into downloadable PDF books.

Including:  Rapid Mailer

You can have the greatest email campaign in the world with the best offer or service, but if you don't reach the inbox, it's wasted effort...

Delivery rates is only one of the ways Rapid Mailer really shines, check out some of its other great features:

  • Dramatically reduce spam complaints by making sure your emails are compliant with Can Spam requirements.
  • Easily embed social media elements directly into your emails with a click. Plus have offline versions of your messages so your recipients can view them directly in their browser
  • Even if you have thousands of members in your WordPress site you can instantly import them into any list of your choice using Rapid Mailer.
  • Rapid Mailer's third-party sender integration's ensure your email reaches the inbox by using third-party senders like Amazon SES, and save you loads of cash.
  • The powerful and simple dashboard allows you to see at-a-glance how your campaigns are doing. You get full statistics on your opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and everything else in between.

IMSC Rapid Mailer integrates directly with WordPress and PostGopher for the ultimate in flexibility and power. It installs as a regular plugin and you control all aspects of your email marketing right from your own website...

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